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Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

In the framework of its research activities and the support it provides in policy-making, INRA is launching a cycle of internal seminars beginning in September 2017 on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Each seminar is focused on a specific theme related to the CAP and its evolution in the context of the CAP after 2020. It reviews related scientific knowledge with presentations by researchers from INRA and partner academic institutes. The purpose is to identify top-priority research needs and glean useful insight which can support policy-making.

To this end, a summary of each seminar will be published.

This blog covers this cycle of seminars and, more broadly, INRA research on the CAP and its future. Available on the blog are all seminar-related documents and other material, which can be used to understand and analyse the challenges, objectives and instruments of Europe’s first common policy project : the CAP.


In a short video, INRA CEO Philippe Mauguin presents the cycle of seminars and more generally, the objectives of INRA research on the CAP. We also provide the INRA contribution to the European Commission consultation on modernising and simplifying the CAP (May 2017). This contribution defines five priorities for the (next) CAP. These five priorities will be presented and discussed in the cycle of seminars.

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3rd CAP seminar’s program: Resilience and risk

Published on 07/19/2018

Starting in September 2017, INRA is organising a cycle of scientific seminars on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This cycle – conducted as a scientific review – is part of a series of debates on the CAP from 2020 onwards; it has two main objectives, in line with two primary INRA missions: i) to identify top priorities in research, and ii) mobilise key expertise for the creation and implementation of public policy.
“Resilience and risk”, the third seminar hosted by INRA on the Co...