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CAP and the environment: Good intentions and false pretences

Watering a corn field/Blog PAC. © INRA, Gilles Cattiau
Updated on 06/13/2018
Published on 02/12/2018

Though the CAP addressed environmental concerns quite quickly, it has not succeeded in halting the destruction of natural resources and biodiversity in agro-ecosystems. Reform measures in 2014 focused attention on the “greening” of the CAP, but initiatives fell short of initial ambitions, and are criticised for their ineffectiveness. 

Debate over CAP reform in 2020 is already under way. This presentation reviews ideas for action on the environment and climate, related controversy, and some of the research issues raised. 

By Sophie Thoyer (from the National Institute of Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences - SupAgro -, Montpellier, France)