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Area of Innovation presentation: “The financing of environmental services provided by agriculture and forests”

Updated on 06/13/2018
Published on 02/15/2018

Within the framework of INRA’s Partnership, Transfer and Innovation (PTI) directorate, the SAE2 (social sciences) Division at the end of 2015 was assigned the Area of Innovation “The financing of environmental services provided by agriculture and forests”. The goal of the Area of Innovation is to compare the in-house research offer with the specific demands of (private and public) partners in order to identify innovative payment systems based on what agricultural and forestry activities contribute to the provision of public goods.

Can environmental services be both the means and the goal of the new modes of financing? Services which could compensate for cuts to public funding and the restructuring of certain agricultural and forestry markets? The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2005) shone a spotlight on the contributions of ecosystems to productive, environmental, social and cultural aspects.

First and foremost, the Area of Innovation conducts a monetary assessment of environmental services. It then looks at the development and analysis of payments for environmental services from every angle, and at financialisation. Lastly, the Area of Innovation examines assistance with transitions, the impact and the long-term continuity of these new modes of financing agriculture and forestry. It is based on multidisciplinary research at INRA; efforts to develop it further will focus on the needs of partners in terms of financing environmental services.

By Claire Tarot (INRA Bretagne-Normandie and the SAE2 Division, a partnership and innovation manager)