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Mobilising financial instruments in agriculture: a presentation of FINAGRI Chair research

Champ cultivé. © INRA, INRA
Updated on 06/13/2018
Published on 02/16/2018

The FINAGRI research chair was created in early 2016.It is administered by the IAE Paris Business School and the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA). The Chair is financed by Avril and InVivo.

Its purpose is to develop research aimed at developing the financing of investments and changes in agricultural practices to improve the economic and environmental outcomes of farms in mainland France. This approach relies on markets and financial instruments, and on the use of the European Union’s Juncker Plan. In addition to its science component, the Chair has a clear mandate to ensure operationality via the implementation of effective, real-scale financing projects for farms at the local level.

Two initial pilot projects are under way in the regions of Nouvelle Aquitaine (NA) and Grand Est (GE), in close collaboration with the regional authorities of these two French regions. Technical preparations for these pilot projects began in late spring 2016, and the goal is for them to be operational by end 2018.

By Alix Bell (INRA Paris and the FINAGRI Chair)