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3rd CAP seminar’s program: Resilience and risk

Wheat and corn fields. © INRA, INRA
Updated on 07/20/2018
Published on 07/19/2018

Starting in September 2017, INRA is organising a cycle of scientific seminars on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). This cycle – conducted as a scientific review – is part of a series of debates on the CAP from 2020 onwards; it has two main objectives, in line with two primary INRA missions: i) to identify top priorities in research, and ii) mobilise key expertise for the creation and implementation of public policy.
“Resilience and risk”, the third seminar hosted by INRA on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), took place in 14 December 2017.

Introduction by Hervé Guyomard et Cécile Detang-Dessendre :

Six subjects were presented and discussed:

1. The concepts of resilience, robustness and vulnerability: what differences and what applications in agriculture? by Nicolas Urruty (Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes)
2. Assessment of the vulnerability of agricultural holdings to climatic and economic variability - Application to the case of dairy farms in conversion to the organic farming, by  Guillaume Martin (INRA Occitanie-Toulouse and the EA Division)
3. Brakes and technical, economic, organizational and institutional levers for the diversification of cropping systems: contribution of the H2020 DiverIMPACTS project, by Antoine Messean (INRA Versailles-Grignon and the EA Division)
4. The adaptability of livestock systems at different timescales, by Benoît Dedieu (INRA Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the SAD Division)
5. Public intervention for agricultural risk management: lessons from the economic literature, by Alexandre Gohin (INRA Bretagne-Normandie and the SAE2 Division)
6. Tools for risk management in agriculture: an European inventory, by Jean Cordier (Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes)