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Seminars on CAP

Keywords: CAP - inra - PAC

Do Pillar I CAP green payments encourage the adoption of practices which reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture?

Published on 02/16/2018

Greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector represent 9.8% of total emissions in the European Union, and 17.8% of emissions in France.

A 2013 INRA study identified 26 technical solutions capable of reducing these emissions. The study also calculated a potential reduction by the year 2030 and assessed the cost per equivalent tonne of CO2.

At the request of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament, an additional study was conducted to assess the degr...

Area of Innovation presentation: “The financing of environmental services provided by agriculture and forests”

Published on 02/15/2018

Within the framework of INRA’s Partnership, Transfer and Innovation (PTI) directorate, the SAE2 (social sciences) Division at the end of 2015 was assigned the Area of Innovation “The financing of environmental services provided by agriculture and forests”. The goal of the Area of Innovation is to compare the in-house research offer with the specific demands of (private and public) partners in order to identify innovative payment systems based on what agricultural and forestry activities...

Collective Scientific Expert Report (ESCo): “Roles, Impacts and Services provided by European Livestock Production”

Published on 02/15/2018

Livestock farming, a major sector in the economies of numerous regions and structural feature of many rural landscapes in Europe, has been controversial for over a decade, particularly due to the environmental damage it causes.

In this context, there is a need for further analysis and a review of scientific knowledge on the environmental/economic/social services, roles and impact of European livestock farms and their products. The French ministries in charge of agriculture and the environment...

Economic instruments as incentives for farmers to provide ecosystem services: issues and challenges

Published on 02/15/2018

Current environmental problems call for an agro-ecological transition in agriculture. On an individual or group level, farmers can meet these challenges by adopting specific practices; this generally requires incentives, however, in the form of public policies.

Our research uses economics to analyse the challenges of regulating these environmental issues by mobilising farmers. We ask three questions:

- “Who?“ – to determine which professionals should be involved in regulation;

- “When?...

Payments for environmental services, public goods and fiscal federalism: CAP challenges

Published on 02/14/2018

In EU legislative proposals in October 2011, the European Commission recalled that market prices do not reflect the provision of public goods and considered that “providing environmental public goods” was the most important of the CAP’s ten specific goals. However, new European regulation strives less to “remunerate collective services” than to encourage “the improvement of environmental outcomes in agriculture”, which becomes one of several goals. At the same time, farmers and...