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Cooking onions (1)

Oignons rouges.. © INRA, LE BASTARD Chloé
Updated on 07/26/2017
Published on 07/22/2017
Keywords: sel - cuisson - oignons

It is said that in order to brown onions, no salt should be added. This "culinary precision" is often said or written by starred chefs... but other chefs say the contrary. What should be think?

What we know, theoretically, it is that sal on plant tissues (such as pieces of onions bulbs) can draw water by osmosis.

Also, it is known that water, in a culinary environment, limits the heating to 100 Celsius degrés.

Also, we know that browning occurs at high temperatures, such as 141 Celsius degrees for caramel, or even up to 300 Celsius degrees in a frying pan, when meat is cooked.

But then? Before interpreting, we have to test: it's a serious mistakes to find explanations to phenomena that don't exist, isn't it ?

Here, the experiment is easy to do. Will you do it, and  send your results to icmg@agroparistech.fr ?