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N° 107
  December 2018  
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  #ALIMINNOV, innovations in food for a tailor-made diet 

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of our diet and its impacts on health and the environment. This is reflected by a shift in consumption habits towards “better” and “healthier” eating. In parallel, scientific advances in nutrition and the development of information and communication technologies and a connected lifestyle have created momentum in favour of new consumption modes and a personalisation of diets.

This change to dietary behaviours has opened up opportunities for innovation with considerable added value, notably in terms of products adapted to specific nutritional needs and “tailor-made” foods that target different populations.

To address these challenges, INRA is conducting innovative and multidisciplinary research that has gained an international reputation. This work can be of value to the development of concepts and products designed to respond better to the needs of consumers.  

For more information, go to: #ALIMINNOV (in french)

Head, Nutrition, Chemical Food Safety and Consumer Behaviour Division

Sylvie BARDON,
Partnership & Innovation Manager

Results, Innovations, Transfer
MAbSilico: Informatics tools to characterise and design antibodies

The informatics tools developed by INRA and operated by the start-up MAbSilico make it possible to determine the epitope recognised by an antibody and to deduce potential cross reactions with other molecules. This represents a source of considerable savings for the human and veterinary health industries.

“Anti-Aging” Effect of Polyphenols. © Inra
“Anti-Aging” Effect of Grape and Blueberry Polyphenols in the Elderly

The French-Canadian research project Neurophenol, which brings together both researchers and industrial partners, has demonstrated the beneficial effects of a mixture of polyphenols extracted from grapes and blueberries in elderly subjects suffering from advanced non-pathological cognitive decline.

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Two new start-up firms join TWB: iMEAN and Green Spot Technologies

TWB announced the arrival of two new start-up companies, iMEAN and Green Spot Technologies, at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology & the Bioeconomy (EFIB), which took place in Toulouse on 17 to 18 October. Both fledgling firms were at the EFIB "Start-up Village" and, by joining TWB, will have access to state-of-the-art facilities, high-level expertise and an extensive network of academic and industrial biotechnology specialists.

Collaboration Proposals
Une bactérie propionique aux propriétés anti-inflammatoires
Propionic bacteria that produce an anti-inflammatory protein

Propionic acid bacteria are widely used in the manufacture of cheese, where they play a key role in ripening. They also have proven anti-inflammatory properties as they release anti-inflammatory proteins. When consumed in an appropriate formulation, they can reach the colon alive, where they are metabolically active and can modulate the microbiota and inflammation.

diagnosis of Crohn’s disease
Biomarkers for Crohn’s disease

Biomarkers for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of Crohn’s disease

microbiome of nematodes
Collaboration proposal: towards optimisation of the microbiome of nematodes

Developing the use of entomopathogenic nematodes in biocontrol: towards optimisation of their microbiome

Our partners
INRA signs a framework agreement with Paris Public Hospitals (Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, AP-HP)

On 20 August 2018, Florence FAVREL FEUILLADE (Director of the Public Research and Innovation Commission at AP-HP) and Philippe Mauguin (President of INRA) signed a five-year framework agreement on cooperation.  

The aim of this agreement is to enhance existing collaborations and to cultivate common interests in the field of the microbiota.  

These collaborative areas concern the management of samples, analysis of the microbiota, the exploitation of massive data and bioinformatics/biostatistics...

Consortium Biocontrole
Improving the efficiency and use of biocontrol products

The french “Consortium Biocontrôle” is funding projects of interest to the sector, focused on technologies and know-how in the use of biocontrol products.

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